San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International


Celebrating the 5th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International!

“We have created the platform for sustainable artists to unite, as one community, expanding the awareness of healthy-fashion and
eco-friendly apparel & products for people and the planet.”

We continue our work by expanding our audience while promoting those in the sustainable fashion and chemical-free industries for the health of future generations and environmental preservation.  With the purpose to inform and educate more people about sustainable fashion in partnership with educators guiding the new fashion professionals, we look forward to implementing content into video and deliver through television, social media & online promotional markets. Main stream media makes possible to reach thousands of people receiving the message of what is sustainable fashion, and chemical-free beauty products. Our added purpose is for people to make informed choices exercising their purchasing power in support of the green movement.

The invitation is for those: creating eco-fashion, those teaching sustainable fashion, those manufacturing healthy textiles, those innovators going beyond what we know that the fashion industry provides; everyone who stands for excellence and transparency, join the community!

Thank you in advance for participating and engaging with our Mission and Vision for healthy communities and a prosperous green economy!

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#S F S F W I

Green Glam San Francisco 2018
B U Y   T I C K E T S

GreenGlam with TitlesSan Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International has joined the Global Climate Action Summit!

SFSFWI introduces the Green Glam SF as an Affiliate Event of the Global Climate Action Summit!
Thousands of Global Leaders will be visiting San Francisco with the mission to #StepUp2018 to new urgent actions to forward climate change solutions.

The Green Glam San Francisco started in 2014 inviting different communities to participate in a Social & Conscious Community event. This year, we bring our signature event to a new level of commitment and perspective:  What it is to BE PART of the community?
We stand tall in the commitment to unite Leaders and their partners, Communities and their Innovators, Businesses, and CEOs working on forwarding the solutions to Climate Change. We honor the work they do.   We invite influencers, celebrities, artists, creators and all people to join us at City Hall in a CELEBRATION!

This year’s Green Glam SF is about having a PRESENCE!
We invite you all to have a PRESENCE representing your industry standing for a sustainable future as part of the community!

San Francisco, City Hall will house all of us to celebrate our roles making a difference for
the future of the planet and all people!

Let’s WELCOME the Global Summit Together!

City Hall half room

GreenGlam World mission

Green Glam World will travel to bring the awareness of Change Makers, unity and sustainability to communities around the world.

Our projects invite all communities to come together and showcase sustainable fashion as the highlight of  our events!

It is brand new journey in making a difference abroad while connecting with all cultures of the world!

Our Mission

We have created the platform for sustainable artists to unite,
create and collaborate as one community, expanding the awareness
of healthy-fashion, healthy-beauty, and Eco-friendly apparel & products for people and the preservation of the planet.

Sustainability is at the core of our work, our vision and our commitment!


In 2014, City of San Francisco, President of Board of Supervisors, David Chiu presented a Certificate of Honor to SFSFWI Founder, Sandra Hanns, at the First San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International; Green Glam SF Fashion Show, W Hotel in San Francisco, California, USA.

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We are committed to the transition to a sustainable fashion and a healthy beauty industries!


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