San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International


This year, we celebrate our 4th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International.


We continue our work by expanding our reach while promoting those in the sustainable fashion and chemical free industries for the health of future generations and environmental preservation.
This year, we are bringing our platform to Television and Social Promotional Markets. Our partnership with KRON4 will launched the SFSFWI TV Show in December!

We will be promoting those working in making a difference in people’s lives. We bring you the latest on those creating eco fashion, products and services.  Through digital media, we are reaching out to thousands through our television program and invite you to watch us to get valuable information.

Be informed about the benefits of supporting the transition to a sustainable fashion industry.  And, how can you make a difference by exercising your purchasing power and demand transparency, quality and commitment from business owners, individuals and all corporations.  Let’s protect our families and the planet!

Thank you in advanced for participating and engaging with our Mission and Vision for healthy communities and prosperous green businesses!


Our Mission

We have created the platform for sustainable artists to unite,
create and collaborate as one community, expanding the awareness
of healthy-fashion, healthy-beauty, and Eco-friendly apparel & products for people and the preservation of the planet.

Sustainability is at the core of our work, our vision and our commitment!


In 2014, City of San Francisco, President of Board of Supervisors, David Chiu presented a Certificate of Honor to SFSFWI Founder, Sandra Hanns, at the First San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International; Green Glam SF Fashion Show, W Hotel in San Francisco, California, USA.


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We are committed to the transition to a sustainable fashion and a healthy beauty industries!




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