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9th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International

iGreen Media Group Presents…
9th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International in 2022.

Virtual Conference Showcasing Sustainable Fashion and Clean Beauty Brands Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO—May 12, 2021— iGreen Media Group is proud to bring the San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International (SFSFWI) LIVE-Conference, May 25-28, 2021.  In its eighth year in a row, SFSFWI 2021 comes to the world-stage as a virtual event. It convenes participants from regions in Europe, Latin America, South and South & East Asia, Middle East, Africa, India and the United States to lead the sustainability revolution to support labor Justice, people’s health and the preservation of the planet.

Meet speakers from all around the world and explore multicultural initiatives, sustainable training and industry leadership uniting us all and providing great opportunities to truly immerse in diverse experiences.

SFSFWI 2021 international speakers and sustainability champions include:

Sandra Hanns, Founder SFSFWI and CEO iGreenMedia Group & Divisions
Orsola de Castro, Co-Founder, Fashion Revolution
Catherine Dauriac, President, Fashion Revolution, France
Valentina Suarez, Founder, Universo MOLA, Colombia
Jonathan Ohayon, The F.A.K.E. Movement, USA
Fazlul Hoque, Md., Director, Plummy Fashions Ltd., Bangladesh
Tamara Tinteiro, Sustainable Designer, ILE Slow Fashion, Chile
Mateo Ray, Child-Actor, Hollywood Celebrity, and many more. 

Participants receive more than inspirational content – participants get a voice and maximum flexibility in how they want to participate. SFSFWI encourages all conscious communities, innovators, entrepreneurs, and consumers to make a difference and directly impact the green revolution.


For more information, visit to request your invitation to SFSFWI.



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"Our commitment is to provide trustworthy and educational information about the benefits Sustainable Fashion and Chemical-Free Beauty industries have for the planet and the health of future generations."

“We have created a platform for sustainable artists to unite, as one community, expanding the awareness of eco-friendly apparel & healthy beauty products for people and the planet.”

It’s More Than Fashion; It’s a Movement!

  …Sustainability is at the core of what we do!

SFSFWI Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy

SFSFWI will continue advocating for the United Nations adding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals conversation and awareness in our message! We invite you to join the global effort for a safe world and a thriving future for all. Watch SFSFWI Sustainable Fashion Influencers about SDG in their businesses.
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