San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International


7th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, 2020!

“We have created a platform for sustainable artists to unite, as one community, expanding the awareness of 
eco-friendly apparel & healthy beauty products for people and the planet.”

We inform and guide “The Consumer” while promoting the sustainable fashion & beauty industries and those committed to Environmental Preservation for the Health of Future Generations through fashion!    …Sustainability is at the core of what we do!
Thank you in advance for participating and engaging with our Mission and Vision for healthy communities and a prosperous green economy!

It’s More Than Fashion; It’s a Movement! 
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SFSFWI 2019 was a success in delivering our mission and beyond. We participated with other organizations expanding the educational conversation and awareness about Sustainable Fashion & Environmental Preservation to their audiences.
Besides, our founder Ms. Hanns, in her speaking engagements in 2019, added to her environmental message Advocacy to the United Nations; 17 Sustainable Development Goals to inform and inspire people to be part of the solution for climate change and healthy communities on the planet.
SFSFWI expanded its platform by bringing the First Sustainable Fashion Industry, West Coast Conference, Experts United!
Experts United was an inspirational beginning to what’s possible when those in the industry come together to share their expertise and experiences to diverse audiences. Professionals and attendees networked and shared information. New beginnings were present!
A new community of conscious professionals, business owners, manufacturers, students of fashion, and individuals were present at the West Coast Conference. It was inspiring to witness as the interest and conversations for sustainable fashion continue growing since we started in 2013.
I want to express my most profound gratitude to all of those who generously donated their time and effort to make this year a success. Find them in the Speakers, Designers & Team Pages.
In 2020, we are excited to include the celebration of 50 years of Earth Day and the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations. Both organizations started in San Francisco!
The San Francisco Bay Area is blessed with many creative and avant-garde minds shaping futures that benefit our world!
We invite you to join us with your participation, bring your leadership, share your expertise, and see that SFSFWI is to promote sustainability and its champions as an environmental community and global movement.

Our commitment is to provide trustworthy & educational information about the benefits Sustainable Fashion, Chemical-Free Beauty industries have for the planet and the health of future generations. .


What is Sustainable Fashion?


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Closing the Loop!


Social & Labor Justice


Healthy Beauty

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SFSFWI will continue advocating for the United Nations, 17 Sustainable Development Goals in all of our messages.
We invite you to join the global effort for a safe world and a thriving future for all.

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