In 2014, San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International was created to provide a promotional platform to professionals, and want-to-be, in the sustainable fashion industry to meet, educate the public, and celebrate sustainability!

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International appreciates educators, business owners, designers, models, makeup artists, hairdressers, schools of fashion, volunteers, partners, and our followers in the different communities that had made our work successful and possible. With their experience, participation, and expertise; we have brought a unique sustainable fashion week that unites people committed for a future that matters to all of us.
It is more than fashion; It’s a movement for environmental preservation and the health of future generations on Earth!

SFSFWI and the sustainable fashion industry professionals around the world share unshakeable respect for people working in the apparel industry and those in fair-trade communities. Always looking for the sustainable fashion EXPERTS to join us, in 2016, the Founders of Fashion Revolution and Ethical Fashion Forum contributed with to the educational component that we shared at SFSFWI’s Fashion Pavilion at the Green Festival Expo.
We organized a three day full of content; speakers, celebrities, and sustainable fashion!

SFSFWI is a unique organization. Each year, we work with a different Fiscal Sponsors to collaborate and cross-promote, educating their members about the sustainable fashion industry and the difference that people could make in the world by choosing Sustainable Apparel Brands and Chemical-Free Cosmetics.

In 2014, the Green Glam SF became SFSFWI’s signature event providing a platform for green fashion designers to showcase their collections.

The W Hotel, Grand Hyatt, and City Hall San Francisco had hosted the Green Glam SF in previous years.  Visit Green Glam World

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International was proud to announce that the Green Glam SF became an Official Affiliate Event of the Global Climate Action Summit 2018. #GCAS2018

In September of 2018, Green Glam SF was an EPIC Environmental Community Celebration event bringing an elegant reception, environmental speakers, and a sustainable runway.

In 2020, due to COVID19 and shelter in place and the world in shock with the pandemic, we had nothing to deliver until Ms. Hann’s idea of delivering virtually when no one was engaged in online platforms.
SFSFWI delivered the Global Experts United Sustainable Industries virtually and LIVE. In addition, she produced and broadcasted four television shows reaching out to close to 20,000 viewers daily on KOFY TV20.  With a total of 50 speakers and 11 countries, SFSFWI widely fulfilled its mission and commitment to expanding the awareness of sustainable fashion by supporting those professionals promoting the global movement during the world’s most unprecedented times!

We invite you to join our efforts and become part of the movement!
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Sandra Hanns
Founder & Organizer

Our Mission

We have created the platform for sustainable artists to unite, create and collaborate
as one community, expanding the awareness of healthy-fashion,
healthy beauty and Eco-friendly apparel & products
for people and the preservation of the planet.

Sustainability is at the core of our work, our vision and our commitment!

In 2014, City of San Francisco, President of Board of Supervisors, David Chiu presented a Certificate of Honor to SFSFWI Founder, Sandra Hanns, at the First San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International; Green Glam SF Fashion Show, W Hotel in San Francisco, California, USA.

In 2018, at the Green Glam SF at City Hall San Francisco, Honorable Assemblymember, David Chiu, presented the founder with an Assembly Certificate of Recognition for the work done in 5 years.

We are proud of the work we have all done… It is a work of love!