You want to HAVE FUN ~ Join us!  Soon some more details…

Schedule for April 2018 Events

Organized by IconaWear and SFSFWI to participate in the Fashion Revolution Week!

April 7  Women’s Fun Time!
Fashion Exchange “Be a Runway Model”
A day to mingle, network and refresh your closet AND walk on the runway!

April 25 Fashion Revolution
DIY Fashion Workshop & Fashion Exchange
In partnership with Iconawear to bring great upcycling fashion; creating your garments from what you love and don’t wear anymore.

April 29 Fashion Call to Action!
Closing Party for SFSFWI 2018 and Fashion Revolution Week!
A Sunday to enjoy…
Sustainable Fashion Show, Vendors, Speakers, Music and a great community in Oakland.


Special Thanks to Sophia Marie, owner & Designer of & our Thank you to Tammy Gustin owner of
Thank you ladies for your commitment to slow fashion and zero waste to divert textiles away from the landfill!