Carla Andrea

CARLA ANDREA approaches fashion from an ethical and responsible perspective with the environment, working the handcraft way, reappreciating techniques, moving away from the atrocity of “fast-fashion”. The environmental problem made us take sides: handmade textile treatments, reuse of waste and noble raw materials strive to reduce the pollution of non-renewable natural resources. Simple lines in the moldery and organic patterns appropriate the male and female universe, appealing to comfort and material sensitivity, giving priority to physical and emotional comfort over morphological distinctions. Oversize and unisex garments, with universal size, present a heterogeneity of models, where practicality and simplicity in their forms and clothing resources accompany the search for body harmony. The synthesis of forms, genres and occasions of use give way to an androgynous identity, stripped of judgment, adding value to the comfort. We work with noble materials of different genres that allow us to apply our textile differentiation (dyed with natural pigments), like cotton of national origin. In addition, we reuse textile waste from factories of the province of Tierra del Fuego, as we also obtain wool of provincial origin, spun in a handcrafted manner by old fueguinas townspeople.

Carla Andrea's Design