Claire Powers


KINDOM is a sustainable and ethical apparel and accessories brand. Because we are all connected with the same building blocks of the universe – humans, flora and fauna alike – we are KIN. Utmost respect to the environment and humanity is at the forefront of the design and production processes of KINDOM – conscious of the way things are sourced, made, and who makes them, in order to preserve and perpetuate a better world for all.

KINDOM is also the second and improved iteration of another sustainable brand first created in 2007, from the same founder, Claire Powers. From its first buyer, the prominent LA boutique Fred Segal, to major retail partners such as Arden B who carried organic cotton styles, the essence of KINDOM as a sustainable brand remains the same as its predecessor: To be better stewards of the environment, and to achieve balance between humans and nature, because we are connected. We are KIN.

By using sustainable textiles (organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo), recycled materials (rPET recycled polyester from plastic bottles), reclaimed fabrics (from deadstock), and indigenous handwoven textiles (from indigenous communities all over the world), guided by age and gender inclusivity, which are all produced in ethical facilities, all apparel & accessories created by KINDOM fulfills 4 to 15 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.