SFSFWI Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop

At San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International we also believe in the circular economy of goods and waste reduction. To be able to create a circular system of existing goods, we believe that all consumers and producers need to start to shift towards reuse, reduce and recycle. To do so, the best process to start is through closing the loop!

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life. A circular economy is important today reduce waste, drive greater resource productivity, and help reduce the waste of production and consumption.

According to the Ellen McArthur Foundation it is extremely important that we look beyond the original process of make, use and dispose. This system makes sure that the raw materials of goods do not get wasted by continuing the existence of what already is being used.

Today on average the American clothing consumer throws away 80 pounds of clothing a year. But what if this clothing could instead be brought right back into the system and be turned into new garments instead?

Just like circular economy, cradle to cradle is innovating towards the same change! Cradle to Cradle is a local bay area company researching and creating circular change throughout various industries. Their goal is not only to keep the circulation of goods going but also to reinvent the ways in which we make things today! They are starting at the source of the problem, the production process. Instead of continuing what we do, they want to rethink the system through biodegradable materials and more that transforms production systems towards circular outcomes.