Why we exist ?

SFSFWI is a non-profit project of Unity Through Creativity that was envisioned and founded by Sandra Hanns and successfully launched by iGreen Media Group in 2014, with the mission to engage, inform, and inspire fashion insiders and consumers alike, about how this industry affects the health of people and the planet.

We are proud to have created this platform for ethical and sustainable artists to unite as one community, expanding the awareness of healthy-fashion, encompassing eco-friendly apparel and related products, while promoting the green movement and environmental preservation to a growing audience.

Why we do what we do?

Conventional fashion depletes our natural resources and trashes our earth by promoting short-lived disposable apparel containing toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, putting profits before the well-being of people and health of our planet. Transitioning to a Sustainable Fashion Industry involves the full range of consumers to manufacturers and suppliers who commit to developing and implementing solutions throughout the entire process that benefit our wellness and the environment. The more we learn about how to support a less toxic and polluting industry, the more we can make informed decisions, the bigger the impact we can make in improving ours and others lives around the world!

What we Ido?
We shine light onto the detrimental effects of doing “business as usual” in this industry, bringing inspired minds and new industry leaders to share emerging sustainable best practices to help businesses and people thrive, while minimizing pollution and conserving energy. Our programs and events inform consumers on how to make better decisions, choosing longer-lasting and less toxic apparel along with beauty products that support health and their wallets. We also showcase designers and manufacturers who exemplify new ways of doing business more effectively, often increasing their profitability through efficiencies, wise sourcing and products sought out by our newer consumers. Included in the educational processes is the value of providing good work opportunities as they empowering workers by bringing them decent wages, health and safety. Improving air quality, safeguarding water and soil are among the many benefits of a new Sustainable Fashion industry. Because after all, aren’t we are all stake-holders of planet Earth and its inhabitants?

What have we accomplished so far?

In 2014 we launched our Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International [SFSFWI], which shined a bright light onto sustainable fashion! We brought together fashion designers, business owners, educators, students, along with other members of the community, to participate in an activity-filled week! They included: an innovative Clothing Swap at Recology, an Educational Symposium at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and our very first Green Glam Fashion Show, which took place at the W Hotel, where it filled the room to capacity with over 300 attendees and was a huge hit!

Also on that night, David Chiu, President of the Board of Supervisors for the City of San Francisco, presented us with a Certificate of Honor recognizing our efforts in creating a space for the Sustainable Fashion Industry to thrive and grow from its launching point in San Francisco!

In 2015, The 2nd Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, included:

Film Screening and Speaker Panels at San Francisco’s Main Public Library, which was co-produced by San Francisco State University and sponsored by the Presidio Graduate School

The Green Glam Fashion Show, Sustainable Fashion Market & Healthy Beauty Trade Fair, and Closet Exchange all took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Union Square!

We also participated at the SF Green Festival Expo, where we hosted both “Detox your Personal Life!” about everyday personal products, Fashion AND Sustainability featuring Kate Black, Founder of Magnifico.com, and even had an impromptu mini-fashion show.

In 2016, we brought the 3rd Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, to the SF Green Festival Expo- America’s largest and the – the longest – running sustainable and green living event in the nation! – to bring the best in educational programming to the SFSFWI Fashion Pavilion, attracting an expanded audience of people to experience the important benefits of chemical-free, sustainable fashion and non-toxic healthy beauty. Programming there included:

  • Students of Fashion: Sustainably Chic Innovation!
  • Runway with local, sustainable fashion designers

In appreciation of our supporters

We continue to create and promote a supportive atmosphere for growing sustainable, fashion-conscious designers and consumers, here in San Francisco and beyond… and we truly appreciate all who have participated in making SFSFWI possible, with their strong support. From fashion schools and other education institutions, fashion magazines, mission-aligned businesses, and more, most especially Laurie Marshal, for taking us under her Fiscal Sponsor wings at  Unity Through Creativity, a non-profit organization supporting projects for the welfare of our communities and preserving planet Earth.

What’s next for us?

We are committed to expanding this platform of educating people on how conventional fast fashion negatively affects people and their environments across the world, and how, whether standing in the shoes of designer, business owner, or consumer, we can make a positive impact by the informed choices we make!

While final plans for our 2017 events are still in the works, they will include a Clothing swap in September, followed by our 3rd Annual Green Glam Fashion Show at San Francisco City Hall, followed by our presence at the Green Festival Expo taking place at Pier 35 in November!

We invite you to join us for this exciting journey, and look forward to bringing you an excellent experience in 2017 !

How can I help?

We invite you to collaborate and celebrate with us!