San Francisco Sustainable
Fashion Week International 2020 

Speakers will be sharing their journey and expertise. And, the urgency of moving
the sustainable fashion industry forward, day-to-day.


Carla Andrea Escalera



CARLA ANDREA approaches fashion from an ethical and responsible perspective with the environment, working the handcraft way, reappreciating techniques, moving away from the atrocity of “fast-fashion”. The environmental problem made us take sides: handmade textile treatments, reuse of waste and noble raw materials strive to reduce the pollution of non-renewable natural resources. Simple lines in the moldery and organic patterns appropriate the male and female universe, appealing to comfort and material sensitivity, giving priority to physical and emotional comfort over morphological distinctions. Oversize and unisex garments, with universal size, present a heterogeneity of models, where practicality and simplicity in their forms and clothing resources accompany the search for body harmony. The synthesis of forms, genres and occasions of use give way to an androgynous identity, stripped of judgment, adding value to the comfort. We work with noble materials of different genres that allow us to apply our textile differentiation (dyed with natural pigments), like cotton of national origin. In addition, we reuse textile waste from factories of the province of Tierra del Fuego, as we also obtain wool of provincial origin, spun in a handcrafted manner by old fueguinas townspeople.

Natalia Wegrzyn Kalali

CEO & Founder

LA MILLA | Touch of Nature
The World’s Most Comfortable Casual Clothes for Women. Timeless, Minimalist Style & Premium Quality.
LA MILLA was born from the strong desire to create truly ECO clothing & Sustainable company. We keep the wellbeing of our People and our Planet as our priority. But we do not stop there. We wish to increase the awareness of the urgency to fight Global Warming and promote interesting ECO initiatives and organizations.
LA MILLA is committed to use only natural and truly ecological textiles that come from proven sources. Our first Brera Capsule is entirely made out of 100% organic, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. GOTS certification ensures organic status of textiles, beginning with harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, to labelling.

Italia Hannaway

Sustainable Designer
Italia A Collection

Italia A Collection is a sustainable fashion brand that is responsibly designed, and ethically
manufactured in California. We use Zero waste pattern making and plant based textiles to support the initiative for a circular economy. Italia A Collection is for the conscious consumer who values what she wears. Our designs reflect a free spirit and the bold woman
who cares about the environment and chooses to create a positive impact by what she wears. Our design concept uses zero waste design, this is the concept of creating an unconventional series of patterns of rectangular shapes and strategy. It is the design process of combining technical pattern making skills and innovative design sense simultaneously. Zero waste design is not just about eliminating waste, but about understanding the value of what you are creating.

Saloni Shrestha

Founder, Design Head
AGAATI | Sustainable Womenswear

Saloni Shrestha is the founder of AGAATI with more than nine years of experience in designing women’s ready-to-wear collections. After receiving an MBA from Amity, India and graduating in fashion design from Parsons, The New School, Saloni trained in couture and ready-to-wear at reputed fashion houses such as Oscar De La Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen and Naeem Khan. Her designs are narratives inspired by nature, culture and artisanal heritage.

Saloni is a native of the Himalayas and the purity of nature, diverse cultures and vibrant textiles around which she has grown up is at the cornerstone of her creative process. She is passionate about creating a positive influence for artisans and the environment. Her core mission with AGAATI is to use fashion as a positive force, celebrating women and their power to change the world, one dress at a time.

Sabrina Uzal

Sustainable Designer

I am Sabrina Rodriguez Uzal, fashion designer who graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, where I am currently a design teacher.
Since I was very young I was attracted to crafts, I bought magazines step by step and I spent the afternoons watching craft tv programs and imitating what they did.
For my thesis I created “Germin.ar” which is a sustainable brand of blooming clothing with circular thinking, being sustainable from start to end.
In September 2019, I won a contest for sustainable collections and I entered the Buenos Aires Fashion Week.
For the collection I used natural raw materials, mainly cotton and wool, some of which were handcrafted with a natural dye.
With the wool fleece I made handmade felt, which allowed me to save considerably the amount of water to manufacture the fabric,
and added horticultural and floral seeds, resulting in a compostable and plantable fabric. The seeds remain inside the garment during its useful life and, by discarding it, the textile will biodegrade giving rise to the growth of new life, rethinking its initial functionality.

Claire Powers


KINDOM is a sustainable and ethical apparel and accessories brand. Because we are all connected with the same building blocks of the universe – humans, flora and fauna alike – we are KIN. Utmost respect to the environment and humanity is at the forefront of the design and production processes of KINDOM – conscious of the way things are sourced, made, and who makes them, in order to preserve and perpetuate a better world for all.

KINDOM is also the second and improved iteration of another sustainable brand first created in 2007, from the same founder, Claire Powers. From its first buyer, the prominent LA boutique Fred Segal, to major retail partners such as Arden B who carried organic cotton styles, the essence of KINDOM as a sustainable brand remains the same as its predecessor: To be better stewards of the environment, and to achieve balance between humans and nature, because we are connected. We are KIN.

By using sustainable textiles (organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo), recycled materials (rPET recycled polyester from plastic bottles), reclaimed fabrics (from deadstock), and indigenous handwoven textiles (from indigenous communities all over the world), guided by age and gender inclusivity, which are all produced in ethical facilities, all apparel & accessories created by KINDOM fulfills 4 to 15 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Lemaris Lorenzo

Fashion Designer, Founder


I am from Puerto Rico based in Paris. Currently, I am a professor at the Fashion Design Bachelor Program at the International Fashion Academy in Paris. I teach Textile Technology & Sustainability I and II.

I’ve been working in the fashion industry for over more than 10 years now between Puerto Rico, New York and now Paris.

After all these years working in the industry, I decided to make a MA program in Contemporary Fashion Design based in Paris and Florence, Italy. During my MA I started working in different fashion companies such as Raff Simons, Banana Republic-Gap, Inc., etc.

In my last year of my MA, I made a thesis capsule collection which was inspired by the rhythms of Afro-Puerto Rican music and dancing steps, knows as Bomba. In which, I decided to relaunch my brand in a more ethical and sustainable way. This collection I explored new ways of creating sustainable wearable pieces based on scraps and craftsmanship. The collection was selected by a jury to present in the last January 2019 in the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

From there, I kept continuing working on sustainability and in the meantime, I give seminars in other schools and events in Puerto Rico, New York, and Latin America about what is sustainability and how we can integrate sustainability in our creative process and projects. Also, I am the creative director of my own brand label LEMLOREN.

Lorena Bonaglia

Selva Juana by Lorena

My name is Lorena, I’m a 27 years old fashion designer who loves animals, nature and the world, and fights for them.
Kim has been active within slow fashion for over 6 years. Being part of NEONYT and having been on the stage of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, she uses her voice and skills as a catalyst for change.
Her consultancy, sun, and rise, blends sustainability and fashion in an aesthetically pleasing and daring way. The organization acts at the core of a new era by creating and conceptualizing new modes. sun and rise work with content creation for labels, project management for fashion weeks and fashion events as well as EU projects.

Maricet Cadalso

ILÉ Slow Fashion
Instituto Superior de Diseño, (ISDI) Habana, Cuba.

As designers, we must find the balance between consumption methods and production processes; it is as important as the balance between shapes and colors. To represent these balances in a fashion collection, I have used a method in which form follows function, using noble materials that maintain a minimalist style and that unite arts with technology.

Tamara Tenreiro

co founder of ILÉ Slow Fashion
Universidad de La Habana, Habana, Cuba.

Tamara, the cofounder of ILÉ, studied commercial engineering. Our actions define who we are. Sustainability today is a path we must all choose, and with ILÉ as a catalyst, we want to transmit a message of empowerment: through the way we choose to dress, discover our bodies and understand how to dress them, the story behind a piece of clothing and who created it.

Vero Forest

Vero Forest

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, with a degree in Marketing and business administration made my thesis about Fair Trade and then studied fashion design on the Argentinian School of fashion. Worked on the industry for 8 years. And, I started to get involved in the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry. In my brand, I try to make my bit combine what I love, in the less contaminate possible way.
And in 2017, I developed my brand working exclusively with natural fibers and regenerated materials.

Mara Emilia Coleoni

Mara Emilia Coleoni


My name is Mara Emilia Coleoni, i`m from Argentina.
I lived in Peru, Paraguay, and Chile, but I return to my country in 2014. i studied International Relationships, Image Consulting and Fashion Marketing. I start my brand Humano in 2016 (be.humano in social media), with the intention to create a complete genderless line, following an organic path, using natural fibers and respecting the processing time.

My mom Mona it`s my inspiration. I grew up seeing her scissors up on the table, always creating something unique and beautiful out of nowhere. She has an exquisite taste for human silhouettes. I helped she create her brand Mona Ferrari and start the business in Santiago de Chile in 2009, we participate in the Santiago Fashion Week in 2010, but the earthquake that happened in march crush our project.
I worked in media in Santiago as a model, actress, and hostess for several brands, but, in 2014; I and my family decided to return to Argentina and start a new life here. I worked for two commercial clothes brands in 2014 and 2015 and finally decided to go on my own. I really wanted to change several things in the industry but not clear how… and now, here I am! trying to survive in a jungle but with the certainty that I`m doing the best I can to incorporate (first on myself) a different and kind way to exist in this business.

Lina Bermeo


I am a designer and dreamer of more responsible, ethical, environmentally friendly brands, I am an enthusiastic craftswoman, a dyer, a lover of nature, the colors that surround it, the artisans who weave resistance and the internal and external fibers that can generate sensitivity.

Beaumaris Santillan

Designer & Director of Eilena Organic Couture

I’m the director and designer of a sustainable brand in Mexico, graduated on finance and business and passionate about turning our textile industry into a sustainable textile industry. We have been working four years presenting 3-4 seasons per year. We present on Mexico Official Fashion Week and have had the experience of working with amazon fashion under the proposal of 2see now, Buy Now” with was a challenging project for a sustainable new brand.

This year, we start with a collaboration with MOLA in NYFW and we keep working on new projects for the coming seasons!