SFSFWI’s Eco Fashion Film Program; Our Commitment Expanded!

This 2019, SFSFWI brought its First Eco-Fashion Film Program to those who enjoy receiving information through film and images. Our intention was to connect and partner with organizations that shared our vision and the commitment to spread the awareness to different communities about the benefits of sustainable fashion and the impacts of the fashion industry in our world today. We are grateful for their support and partnership.

Sharing SFSFWI’s vision & supporting the green movement, Rachel Caplan Founder of SF Green Film Festival, joined SFSFWI bringing awareness about environmental impacts and workers’ injustices in the fashion industry through the eyes of the filmmakers.
San Francisco Green Film Festival presented San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, first, Eco Fashion Film Program to its audience at the San Francisco Main Library.

The partnership with the Green Film Festival has made possible for SFSFWI to engage with their audiences while the conversation of fashion filled the room with three short films that delighted the curious minds to know more about sustainability and eco-fashion-styles.

SFSFWI established a partnership with Ayesha Barenblat, founder of re/make, to feature their latest film, Made in Mexico; a Premier short film produced by the organization. Their short films are capturing the lives of those in the garment industry around the world. The nonprofit organization, www.re/make.world, gives those workers a platform to express their voices and tell their stories.

We thank the local, sustainable fashion brand Tonlé, for their support. Tonlé not only honors Who Made My Clothes? by having each worker sign their name on the garment label. The founder is committed to treating their workers fairly by paying them livable wages and having 8 hours shift among others; this is a real change towards a sustainable and transparent industry for all!
Reference: re/make about Tonlé https://remake.world/cambodia/meet-the-designer-rachel-faller-of-tonle/

Tonlé was the highlight of the evening! People got to see the beauty of simple, modern sustainable fashion using eco-friendly fabrics while supporting the global sustainable fashion movement of conscious markets.

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International appreciates the partnership of these committed leaders!
In addition, we thank the speakers who came to give their views, knowledge and join the community of Experts United!

SFSFWI Eco Fashion Film Program 2019

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We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to forward the sustainability and eco fashion movements. 

Let us know about your work and those around you respecting Mother Earth and its People!
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