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Dear Sustainable Professional:

We are happy to introduce to you, Grace Kostal and Jenny Lee from UC Berkeley. They are excited to connecting with you all, speakers.  And then with the producers, we will go over the specific logistics for filming the Television Show and the Experts United Conference.  This is an ambitious production and we need your participation and collaboration to make it happen!

This is a time dedicated to “promoting sustainable fashion and healthy beauty professionals and companies” to a larger audience.

Our conversation this year is “Wearing the Spirit of Nature and Innovation.”  Promising a thriving future for all, we are joining and honoring in our conversations the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations embracing sustainability and fashion.

With the support of the City of San Francisco, Department of the Environment and our advocating for the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we invite you to join us in a bigger vision and a broader conversation that embraces everyone as one community.

We are activists, environmentalists and advocates for a safe world and a future that matters to all.
Let the fire within be alive!

We acknowledge your professionalism, creativity, and work. We are inviting you to participate at SFSFWI-TV filming in March. This will be ready to broadcast on April 20, 21, 22, 2020.

Companies and Professionals wanting more exposure as sponsors are invited to elevate visibility to 40,000  to 50K viewers!

In addition, you are invited to be participate at the Experts United Conference as a speaker, delivering a workshop or any other valuable educational information you would like to offer on April 25, 2020.

We have created a unique opportunity!
All speakers will receive a Certificate of Recognition for their participation, commitment and leadership.

Please let us know if you are available to join us at the 7th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International SFSFWI TV and 2nd Experts United Conference by filling out the form.

We are looking forward to directing you to the founder for any further questions.

Please kindly reply by March 6th. The deadline helps us to organize materials, lists and connect with everyone. Your support is requested. Thank you.

Filming will be done at the Department of the Environment on Market street. Details to follow. 
Thank you for your time!

Grace Kostal & Jenny Lee
Founder Sandra Hanns & Team SFSFWI

Sandra @SFSFWI.org

415.829.9360 SFSFWI Direct


Speakers at Experts United 2020!

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Please select all of your available dates during the evening time. The filming will be at the City of San Francisco, Department of the Environment on Market Street. Details to follow

 Experts United Conference