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San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International TELEVISION
SFSFWI-TV coming June 8-9-10-11, 2020

We are fashion lovers, activists, environmentalists and advocates for a
safe world and a future that matters to all.

Let the fire within, Be Alive!

Welcome International Speakers and Sustainable Designers!
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, England, France, Germany,
Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Sweden, and the USA!

Meet the Speakers for our next digital television shows!
Meet Sustainable Designers!


Television Shows produced by Mateo Guzman at Mateo Photos y Sandra Hanns at iGreen Media Group.

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Join Our Community! 

Thank you, International Speakers,
at the Experts United Conference 2020!  HERE


We are excited to have offered our first virtual event in 2020…connecting with you all, speakers, and the public!
We continue bringing SFSFWI’s Mission to inform and promote the professionals in the sustainable apparel industry.

The 2nd Experts United Conference went LIVE on April 25! The conference was an ambitious production, due to the COVID19 and global circumstances.
We learned from experts from different parts of the world. Sandra Hanns introduced The Global Team bringing those engaged in the industries promoting sustainability and what we need to do to win the climate change impacts.

We are looking to bring solutions! And, we are looking at creating partnerships to activate communities for sustainability and fashion around the world.

Our conversation this year is “Activating Communities for Sustainability”

Promising a thriving future for all, we are joining and honoring in our conversations the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations embracing sustainability and fashion.

With the continuous support of the City of San Francisco Department of the Environment and our advocating for the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we invite you to join us in a bigger vision and a broader conversation that embraces everyone as one community.

We are deeply thankful to all of those who participated in the 2nd Experts United Conference 2020! Our work continues inviting those who work in the industry to come and share their unique experience and educate the consumer to choose wisely and sustainably.

We had 29 Experts who were LIVE at the Experts United Conference on April 25th going Virtually to the world.
They have their hearts in what they do. And they brought their experiences and expertise at the three panels that covered the importance of activating our own leadership to expand sustainability.

April 25th, the Experts United Conference was a LIVE program with Panels, Fashion, and videos.

Powerful leaders around the world are activating communities, Join us!

Thank you! 


Cheers to a Safe, Healthy, and Prosperous 2020 for all!

SFSFWI TV & Experts United Conference, Created and Produced by iGreen Media Group.
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Sandra Hanns
Founder & CEO
SFSFWI.org & iGreen Media Group

Ruby Veridiano
Fashion Journalist-Author

Mariel Jumpa
Founder of Slow Fashion World

Liz Soto Rivas
Lizeth Soto Rivas Photography

Athina Salazar

Valen Suarez
Co-Founder of Universo MOLA

Grazyna Lallemand
Co-Founder of 3ec-TV

International and USA Sustainable Fashion Leaders at
May 18th, 19, 20th, 21th, 2020 KOFY TV20

Founder & Organizer
Sandra Hanns, iGreen Media Group, SFSFWI & Experts United! USA/Chile

Debbie Raphael, San Francisco Department of the Environment, USA

Speakers at SFSFWI-TV 2020
Adele Rinck, Adèle Rinck, France
Amanda Cattermole, Cattemole Consulting, USA
Beaumaris Santillan, Eilean Brand, Mexico
Carla Andrea Escalera, CARLA ANDREA, Argentina
Caroline de Baere, Laforma, Inc.Bendy, USA
Catherine Dauriac, Hummade magazine + Fashion Revolution France, France
Chere Di Boscio, Eluxe Magazine, England
Claire Powers, KINdom, USA
Connie Ulasewicz, CBU Productions, USA
Gail Baugh, The Wear Movement, USA
Grace Kostal, SFSFWI.org, USA
Grazyna Lallemand, 3ec-TV, France/Poland
Italia Hannaway, Italia A Collection, USA
Joanne Basch, California Product Stewardship Council, USA
Josefin Liljeqvist, JOSEFIN LILJEQVIST AB, Sweden
Kim Gerlach, Sun and Rise, Germany
Lemaris Lorenzo, LEMLOREN, France
Lina Bermeo, Tarpui, Colombia
Lizeth Soto Rivas, Bohetnika, Germany
Lorena Bonaglia, Selva Juana, Uruguay
Mara Emilia Coleoni, Humano, Argentina
Maricet Cadalso, ILÉ Slow Fashion, Chile
Mariel Jumpa, Slow Fashion World, Sweden
Maya Loung, Serenade the Company, USA
Mitsuya Inagaki, Material Sustainable Institute M.S.I., Japan
Natalia Wegrzyn Kalali, Founder, La Milla, Italy
Octavia Sun, Bank of The West, USA
Rachel Fischbein, Fashion Incubator San Francisco, USA
Ruby Veridiano, RubyVeridiano.com, France/USA/Philipines
Sabrina Rodriguez Uzual, germin.ar, Argentina
Saloni Shrestha, AGAATI, USA
Samantha Hartsock, Re/make, USA
Sica Schmitz, Bead & Reel/Impact Fashion, USA
Susan Stevens, Made With Respect, New Zealand
Valentina Suarez, Universo MOLA, Uruguay/Colombia
Vero Forest, VERO FOREST, Argentina
Yoshiro Kumagai, Kumagai, Japan