Green Glam World Logo 4Green Glam SF
San Francisco, City Hall
September 7, 2018

We would like to invite you to the unique and most inspiring event to unite Change-Makers and those who buy products, our audience!
San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International has been committed since the beginning of Earth Day SF. Sandra Hanns is the Co-Founder of Earth Day SF and since 2010, she has been committed to support the green movement for a thriving green economy, environmental preservation and the health of future generations.
The Green Glam SF is a Celebration of communities taking ambition to the next level.  The Green Glam SF is an Affiliate Event of the Global Climate Action Summit to be held September 12-14, 2018.  We invite you not only to join us at the event. We are inviting you to support our work.
Since 2014, dedicated people has worked with great passion and commitment to support and fulfill the vision and mission of SFSFWI.


center title with the golden font you found….



Space for one Electric-Vehicle by the entrance of City Hall.
Create your ambiance and give your COMPANY a center stage
at the Green Glam SF!
Additional benefits:
Speak to the public about your company and include your company trailer for a total of 5 minutes.
Logo on websites and event program
Give Away marketing materials
Social Media Campaign before and after the event
Logo included on Television Special with SFSFWI TV Production
Prime opportunity!


LEADERS Choose your items to sponsor the Green Glam SF
Take Leadership in bringing Businesses, World Leaders, Communities and Change-Makers together…
Host the VIP Reception    $20,000.00

Company Logo on Gobo projected inside the walls of City Hall  $1,500

Your company name on a digital Ad on three websites       $600.00,,
And add logo on event Screen

Sponsorship Table & Space of 10×20 to promote your products and services  $1,500.00
Includes adding logo on three websites and Green Glam SF Program
Add $600.00 and address the public [No selling items please]

Welcome people and address the public during the VIP Reception   $1,500.00
Have a PRESENCE at City Hall main event stage and address the people $1,500.00

Show your Company’s trailer as a sponsor before the event  $600.00

Your company trailer will be shown at the intermission $1,000.00

Your company Logo will be display on the logo digital loop and added to the site.  $300.00
Give away and promotional items at the event $600.00
Includes to add your logo on the event slider and at


COMMUNITY SPONSOR  ” Have a PRESENCE ”   $2,500.00
Let’s Inspire the public and let them know your commitment!

Your company Logo on display at Step & Repeat.
Your company name listed on the program

Your Company Logo with Link and name listed on three websites
Give away promotional items [Provided by Company]



ADD items and expand your company’s visibility.

Your company name will host the VIP Reception.
Your company name will be projected inside the walls of City Hall.
Your company has 20×20 space to promote your products and services.
You have stage PRESENCE at City Hall and address the people.
Your company can show a company’s video trailer as a sponsor before the event.
Your company video trailer will be shown at the intermission.
Your company could give away promotional items.