Italia Hannaway

Sustainable Designer Italia a Collection

All my life I have been drawn to the creative spirit of the designer, a sense that becomes me. As a designer, my authenticity is distinguished by my ability to design, self-create, and produce all aspects of a collection. I started my fashion education at The Academy of Art University, and after a year of American fashion, I took a trip to Italy. I was mesmerized with inspiration
and had an international connection towards Italian design. I attended Marangoni Institute in Milan and completed an intensive course and diploma in Design di Moda, the Italian word for Fashion Design. After returning to the Bay Area I began my career working in the fashion industry for wellknown designers Jessica McClintock and Marian Clayden. Finalizing my degree at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising , I chose to balance my design career with the technical skills I needed to shape my future. My interest in fashion has led me to explore different areas in design, textiles, and production. My Zero Waste collection is a collaboration with Fibershed. It is a collective inspired by nature, sustainability, and the innovative approach to fashion through zero waste design.