Mara Emilia Coleoni


My name is Mara Emilia Coleoni, i`m from Argentina.
I lived in Peru, Paraguay, and Chile, but I return to my country in 2014. i studied International Relationships, Image Consulting and Fashion Marketing. I start my brand Humano in 2016 (be.humano in social media), with the intention to create a complete genderless line, following an organic path, using natural fibers and respecting the processing time.

My mom Mona it`s my inspiration. I grew up seeing her scissors up on the table, always creating something unique and beautiful out of nowhere. She has an exquisite taste for human silhouettes. I helped she create her brand Mona Ferrari and start the business in Santiago de Chile in 2009, we participate in the Santiago Fashion Week in 2010, but the earthquake that happened in march crush our project.
I worked in media in Santiago as a model, actress, and hostess for several brands, but, in 2014 I and my family decided to return to Argentina and start a new life here. I worked for two commercial clothes brands in 2014 and 2015 and finally decided to go on my own. I really wanted to change several things in the industry but not clear how… and now, here I am! trying to survive in a jungle but with the certainty that I`m doing the best I can to incorporate (first on myself) a different and kind way to exist in this business.

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