Mia Evans

Sustainable Designer

Mia Evans, is an up and coming fashion designer from San Francisco CA, who overcame many obstacles in her life as a single mom and entrepreneur. In pursuit of her dreams, becoming a fashion designer had to take the back seat to raising children. Mia’s drive and determination has always played a major role in her creativity while remaining humbled at the same time. For many years, Mia has been inspired by well known high end fashion designers stemming from a young age and before she knew it she had a strong desire to create her own clothing business. After doing some minor research, Mia was able to attend local fashion schools and network with people in the industry. It wasn’t long before Mia’s patients, hard work and determination paid off. She’s now a rising entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

The butterfly that displays on her logo represents the shy little girl who morphed into the beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated woman that she is today. When Mia creates and design garments, a big part of her inspiration comes from that shy little girl from the projects that use to day dream when seeing beautiful dresses on television. She knew she would one day see herself on the big runway and today she’s so thankful that day has finally come!