Nika Ivanoff

Sustainable Designer
Fiber Artist

The world around us is full of miracles, as is life itself. However, many of us seem to forget this while we are entangled in our daily lives. We turn away and leave these miracles of nature unnoticed and unappreciated. My goal is to captivate the viewer in a way that forces them to recall the beauty of nature, whether this lies in the figures or textures of my artwork.

Experimenting with other crafts and mediums, my current style is a synthesis of my life’s learning. After discovering felting ten years ago, I instantly fell in love with the art form due to its versatility, for it allows me to create anything from shawls and fashionable outfits such as wedding gowns to paintings or 3D art.

My name is Nika Ivanoff. My love for felting began, ironically enough, when I was doing something else entirely – creating jewelry. I was commissioned to create North African Tribe-inspired pieces and encouraged to explore new media. Stumbling upon felting, I decided to give it a try, not knowing that I would fall in love with it almost instantly. Enchanted by its beauty and versatility, I began exploring the endless possibilities of the world of felting. Though constantly searching for new things to try out, I specialize in working with superfine merino wool combined with other natural fibers such as silk, bamboo, and banana, in order to create interesting textures. Felt allows me to create garments that are not only beautiful to the eye, but amazingly comfortable to wear as well. I try bringing a sense of beauty and harmonic balance into the world through both my art and my life, and seek to send a similar message through my creations. Hopefully you will enjoy wearing them as much as I do making them.


November 2016 “ Bride in Felt” project “ New life of Traditions” International Felted festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia

October 2016 Dixon Lamb Town Wool festival, First, second, third places ribbons in category “Clothes”

August 2015 Collection “ Colors of the Nature” San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, San Francisco, USA

June 2015 “Art of Fashion” , Blue Line Gallery, Sacramento, USA

August 2014 Collection “ Harmony” first place on “ Felted Revolution” International Felted festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia

October 2012 “Fire” collaborative Art project International Felted Day, Argentina.