Sabrina Rodriguez Uzual

I am Sabrina Rodriguez Uzal, fashion designer graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, where I am currently a design teacher.
Since I was very young I was attracted to crafts, I bought magazines step by step and I spent the afternoons watching craft tv programs and imitating what they did.
For my thesis I created “” which is a sustainable brand of blooming clothing with circular thinking, being sustainable from start to end.
In September 2019, I won a contest for sustainable collections and I entered the Buenos Aires Fashion Week.
For the collection I used natural raw materials, mainly cotton and wool, some of which were handcrafted with a natural dye.
With the wool fleece I made handmade felt, which allowed me to save considerably the amount of water to manufacture the fabric,
and added horticultural and floral seeds, resulting in a compostable and plantable fabric. The seeds remain inside the garment during its useful life and, by discarding it, the textile will biodegrade giving rise to the growth of new life, rethinking its initial functionality.