San Francisco Sustainable
Fashion Week International 2018
at Earth Day San Francisco

Creative Designers will delight your eyes at this
Fascination Fashion Show! 

Their commitment to sustainability is admirable and
their creativity remarkable!



We exist in response to you: daring, feminine, conscious, diverse and pragmatic women. Each season we present to you a collection infused with urban style and spirit, inspired by minimalism, geometry, architecture and contemporary art. Every single one of our pieces are uniquely designed from scratch in the heart of Basque Country, and responsibly sourced and produced across Europe, India and China. Born in the heat of music festivals of the 90´s; today SKUNKFUNK has a presence in more than 38 countries and 600 locations. We count on more than 36 agents and distributors in 20 countries. Our online shop is available for Europe, the United States and Canada.




Creative Raw Fashion

Santa Cruz, California

CirKus Waggon Inventions

When we wear something, we imbue it with our energy. It comes to tell a story of our essence. Scattered like leaves fallen from a tree, the lost discarded pieces, but unlike leaves, fabric takes much long to decompose or never does; Fast fashion is taxing our environment.

As a child, I loved design, and would constantly be creating with scraps of old clothes. As an adult learning of the waste, child labor, and poison chemicals that go into modern fashion left me with little to no interest to be a part of it until my trip to Europe.

One of my challenges was when I was invited to the Big Sur Fashion show, whose theme was no fabric, only recycled materials.

I began to make dresses from wine corks, branches, leaves, anything I could find. A friend gifted me her chicken feathers and I turned them into dresses. Toured around for years doing fashion art shows and creating one of a kind fabric pieces always ethically sourced and sustainably made. You can see my works in store at Wallflower Boutique in Santa Cruz CA.

Read my full story at www.SFSFWI.org/designers

Website: www.cirkuswaggon.com

Instagram: @CirKusWaggon42


Using raw & repurposing materials
Creative Sustainable & Upcycled Designs

B. Unique

One-of-a-kind statement clothing for everyone

San Francisco, California

Bay Area native, “B” is a thrift store fashionista and a couture fashion enthusiast. Being raised on a farm with limited stores and funds to spend, she struggled with expressing herself through clothes at school.

Being the creative, non wasteful, wanting to make a statement type, she began seeking out thrift stores for unique pieces to manipulate and recreate to make into the edgier looks she fell in love with on the runway.

B now travels throughout the United States and around the world collecting second hand clothing to recreate couture inspired pieces; one-of-a-kind statement clothing for everyone!

B believes everyone should express themselves freely while also helping to preserve the environment.

My attitude and my fashion are the same.Be whatever you want to be!~ B. Unique

Twitter: @BoutiqueBUnique

Instagram: b.uniquefashion




Creative Recycled & Repurposed Designs

Bay Area Body Painter and sustainable repurposed fashion designer Rose Delfino is one of the most eclectic and esthetic designers of this time. Taking recycled, used, and repurposed materials and then putting them into the hands of Rose’s Insanity, you are going to end up with something no less than breathtaking.

From dresses made of used Lotto tickets or used Japanese lanterns; sit back and be prepared for your eyes to be amazed.




Mandy is an ECO artist based out of Northern California. She has been inspired to reduce waste on behalf of the environment, as well as teach others to live a more holistic lifestyle through recycled Fashion & Art.



It's the Itty Bitty LITTY Committee! We're color obsessed and dedicated to finding the best hand picked vintage clothing from the 80s, 90s, and 00s + cute LITTLE must have accessories. Follow us on ​I​nstagram @bittycomworldwide for exclusive drops & updates on the latest finds. These lil bits are going WORLD WIDE!