San Francisco Sustainable
Fashion Week International 2020 

Join international and USA speakers in a New Conversation!
SFSFWI TV and Experts United Web Conference 2020!


Sandra Hanns, USA/Chile

Founder, Organizer & Producer
SFSFWI & iGreen Media Group
Experts United Industries


Sandra Hanns, the Founder of San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week and Experts United Conference, will be welcoming USA and international fellow sustainable speakers with panel discussions surrounding the fashion industry impact, activating communities, policy making and technology conversations with global experts.
Since 2005, Sandra Hanns’ journey has been to inform people about the toxicity that surrounds us all: in our food, our environment, in cosmetics and in the clothing we wear and all textiles we touch.
Ms. Hanns is a Public Speaker, Moderator & Conference organizer. Her passion is to unify communities to forwarding society for  Sustainability and Peace for a thriving green economy.

She is the CEO and Executive Producer of iGreen Media Group [2011], the umbrella company dedicated to create and produce content that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Companies created to preserve the environment and the health of future generations…
In 2013, iGreenWoman Magazine an eMagazine for the conscious woman of today.
In 2014, San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International [SFSFWI.]
In 2018, Green Glam World, the signature sustainable fashion show for SFSFWI became an environmental community celebration to educate and inspire people to gather and meet leaders.
In 2019, Ms. Sandra adds to the network, the Experts United Conference informing the consumer and the fashion industry about the latest trends in sustainability and those involved.
In 2020, Sandra Hanns creates the second SFSFWI TV Broadcast producing 4 television shows this year .

2020 is the year of COVID19. The Shelter-in-Place gave the opportunity to create the first Experts United Web Conference-Going Global and Virtual! She invited others from Europe, South America, and other countries to participate.  The work is to expand her reach globally to transform and inform communities about the 17 Sustainable Deveopment Goals and continuing educating the consumer to become conscious and mindful people who buy products.

In 2010, Ms. Hanns co-founded Earth Day San Francisco Festival where her learning curve started.

Assemblymember David Chiu

17th Assembly District, San Francisco
California State Legislature

As a member of the California State Legislature, David Chiu represents the 17th Assembly District, which encompasses eastern San Francisco. He was first elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2016 and 2018. During David’s first year, he served as Assistant Speaker pro Tempore; since 2016, he has served as Chair of the Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee. He also sits on the following legislative committees: Budget; Business and Professions; Judiciary; Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media. He also serves as Chair of the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus.

Debbie Raphael, USA

San Francisco Department of the Environment

Debbie Raphael is the Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment where she leads and implements the City’s bold climate action initiatives. A scientist by training, Debbie has spent most of her career as a public servant working to ensure a safe, healthy, and livable environment for all. As Director, Debbie led the most significant update to the City’s recycling and composting program in over 15 years, the launch of an industry funded safe disposal program for unused medicines, and pioneered policies for increased renewable energy, electric vehicle charging capacity, and carbon sequestration through the City’s urban green spaces. In partnership with the San Francisco Mayor, Board of Supervisors, and fellow City departments, Debbie bolsteredSan Francisco’s global leadership on the environment byreducing the City’s overall greenhouse gas emissions and seta new, audacious goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Adèle Rinck, France

CSR Communication & Marketing / Circular Fashion Expert
Adèle Rinck

Adèle Rinck is a CSR & circular fashion expert. Her career started for Messe Frankfurt France in the sustainable fashion and textile fair industry, after this experience she was involved during 6 years in Eco TLC which is the French producer responsibility organisation for textiles and footwear industries, her job was to gather all stakeholders of the industry around a common purpose: to develop an efficient industry within a circular economy approach.

Amanda Cattermole, USA

Founder and CEO
Cattermole Consulting

In 2014, after a long career at Levi Strauss and Company (LS&Co.), Amanda Cattermole founded Cattermole Consulting, a consultancy that helps organizations develop chemical management and circular strategies that result in safer products made in cleaner supply chains.

Amanda helps her clients implement circular principles that include i) designing out waste and pollution, ii) keeping products and materials in use for longer and iii) regenerating natural systems.

She is passionate about the environment and animal welfare. She wants people to have the necessary information about products and manufacturing so that they can make informed purchasing decisions.

She is an avid believer in building consumer awareness and curiosity through education and transparency. She hopes consumers want information in how their clothes are made and the types of materials and chemicals that were used to make them.
Amanda works with a variety of stakeholders including NGO’s, trade associations, fortune 500 companies, small mission-based brands, foundations and consultancies.

Amanda believes that every decision made by people and companies should be grounded in sustainability. Companies should have sustainability goals in regard to safer chemicals, water conservation and reduction in greenhouse gasses. For the apparel industry in particular, companies should focus on the 3 R’s, reuse, repurpose and recycle.

SFSFWI’s work is critical for two reasons. It markets sustainable fashion to consumers and other stakeholders and provides a forum to share knowledge and educate others about the importance of sustainable fashion.

Athina Salazar, USA/Italy

Chief Possibility Officer

Life 2 Design understands the synergy of life and business. We work with you to create alignment with your leadership, support team, and technology to your vision, mission, and goals. We help you learn how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential and power.

We’re here to help you stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep inside of you. We help you forge forward when the “old you” would rather give up and turn back.

The variety of customized in-person seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching programs we offer are helping – and affecting – hundreds of thousands of lives on this planet. Right now, you’re standing at the doorway to your greatest life and business. It’s time to seek out your destiny. It’s time to see and achieve one dream after another with a clear-headed and confident stride… no matter how big you might think that dream to be. (I also have information on my LinkedIn profile that may satisfy this area: www.linkedin.com/in/life2design)

Caroline de Baere, USA

Founder Laforma, Inc. & Co-founder BENDY
Laforma, Inc.

Caroline de Baere is a fashion industry veteran with leadership experience ranging from strategic product development and merchandising through material development, sourcing and cost negotiation.

Caroline is the co-founder of a women’s fashion footwear and accessory brand, BENDY by Ashbury Skies, manufactured in her home state of California. This collection focuses on ethically manufactured and sustainable sourcing practices to reduce their carbon footprint.

Caroline currently holds a faculty role at California College of the Arts as a Footwear Design Instructor to Fashion and Industrial design students.

Catherine Dauriac, France

Fashion Journalist / Country Coordinator for Fashion Revolution France
Hummade magazine | Fashion Revolution France

After studying Pre-Columbian Archeology, Catherine Dauriac preferred to devote herself to textiles and fashion. After 15 years of coaching young independent designers, she chose in 2003 to start a career as a journalist for the defense of the Environment. Today, she is associate editor in chief of impacts for the paper review Hummade, dedicated to clothing in its political, social, environmental, and free fashion aspects. Environmental and societal responsibility of the fashion industry are its major subjects, in its articles and its book being written, in its conferences, with its digital communication agency, in its associative commitments and in its new third party project/place, La Fabrique Idéale, with the motto of clothing autonomy through visible mending. In addition to these activities, she is carrying out photography work around the beauty of waste with a series of composts photographed throughout the seasons.

Chere Di Boscio, England

Eluxe Magazine

Chere Di Boscio had been editing glossy magazines in Dubai, Paris, and London for several years, but she felt something wasn’t right. She no longer felt good about promoting unethical, unsustainable fashion and beauty brands that were harming animals. She looked for an ethical luxury fashion magazine to send her CV to, but finding none, decided to create her own. That’s how Eluxe Magazine was born.
Eluxe is the world’s first-ever sustainable luxury fashion magazine. With over seven years in the market, the publication is ever-evolving and has most recently taken a more pro-vegan position. The Eluxe brand also extends to the Eluxe Awards, now in their 5th year, and an online shop, Eluxe Exclusives.

“Chere is part of the global television network,  3ec-TV Advisory Board.”

Connie Ulasewicz, USA

Owner, Consultant

With a deep wonder and visceral interest in unearthing where our clothing and textile products end up when no longer wanted, Connie Ulasewicz, Ph.D., engages in teaching and learning opportunities to swell her curiosity. An author, business owner, researcher, international and community advisor, and Emeritus faculty at San Francisco State University, her career has been split between apparel industry work and education. Through two current grants with the SF Office of the Environment, she explores and creates ideas to motivate processes to continue the circularity of clothing and textile products. Connie collaborates, cbuproductions.com, with others in writing, speaking and video productions aimed at understanding and communicating the importance of textile and clothing products and the circular economy.

Faduma Aden

Founder & Advisor

Social entrepreneur Faduma Aden uses her creativity to drive change and create an inclusive society. She is experienced in business development, marketing, and diversity management bringing insight and strategic advice to a wide range of industries from tech companies to advertising agencies. Faduma has through her creative agency Contelier worked with the New Orleans Museum of Art, Stockholm School of Economics, Hyper Island, Gather Innovation festival, and more. She began her entrepreneurship journey with the launch of her fashion brand Jemmila – combining Scandinavian aesthetics with Muslim fashion for international businesswomen. The unique design has caught the attention of magazines such as Vogue China, Marie Claire Arabia, Elle Sweden, and many more.

Gail Baugh, USA

The Wear Movement

30 years senior management experience in large retail, manufacturing, and global sourcing in textile and apparel industries. College level instructor and author, The Fashion Designer’s Textile Directory, 1st and 2nd edition. Chemistry of textiles and experience. Co-founder of The Wear Movement, which is defining value for preworn clothing and persuading consumers to share their highly valued possessions.

Grace Kostal, USA

Director of Media Outreach and Partnerships

Grace is a first year student at the University of California, Berkeley interested in studying business and sustainability. She is passionate about how the two intersect, especially in the fashion industry. She is determined to help slow climate change and the degradation of the environment so that future generations can enjoy the earth as she has.

Grace is excited to contribute to SFSFWI in order to promote values of sustainability and eco-consciousness in the fashion and beauty industries. She has been dedicated to SFSFWI 2020 since the initial stages, and has worked with founder Sandra Hanns as the Director of Media Outreach and Partnerships.

Grace remains optimistic about the future of the world. She is passionate about contributing to SFSFWI’s mission and eager to see it fulfilled.

Grazyna Lallemand, France/Poland

Co-Founder of 3ec-TV


Grazyna Lallemand is a Polish-French pragmatic and resourceful multitalented media visionary and a professional in international commerce who takes ethical values into account whatever her goal.
Grazyna included the environment as a cross-disciplinary theme in the content of 3ec-TV, since 10 years of work on cancer research at the Medical Research Council in the UK as a Clinical Trial Manager reinforced her awareness of the link between humans and the environment.
Grazyna has decided to encourage the industry and consumers to turn to entirely sustainably-produced products when she was responsible for developing international sales of Grand Cru Classé and Champagne for French wine companies.
She founded ‘Caelestis’, a volunteer-based charity dedicated to World Wildlife Fund, to raise funds and public environmental awareness.
She created an ecological luxury brand ‘Caelestis’ (endorsed by celebrities) auctioned for WWF in various countries.
Grazyna holds a Master’s in International Commerce (France) and a Degree in Human Sciences – option Economy (honors),
Specialty: Economics and environmental policy in an international context. Strategic study of the Asia-Pacific region. (Open University, UK)
She also holds a Diploma in Management of Medium-sized Companies (France) and an Advanced Level in Computer Science (UK). Grazyna is trilingual: French, English, and Polish (native), and speaks some Russian.

Italia Hannaway, USA/Italy

Sustainable Designer
Italia a Collection

Italia A Collection is a sustainable fashion brand that is responsibly designed, and ethically
manufactured in California. We use Zero waste pattern making and plant based textiles to support the initiative for a circular economy. Italia A Collection is for the conscious consumer who values what she wears. Our designs reflect a free spirit and the bold woman
who cares about the environment and chooses to create a positive impact by what she wears. Our design concept uses zero waste design, this is the concept of creating an unconventional series of patterns of rectangular shapes and strategy. It is the design process of combining technical pattern making skills and innovative design sense simultaneously. Zero waste design is not just about eliminating waste, but about understanding the value of what you are creating.

Joanne Brasch, USA

Special Project Manager
California Product Stewardship Council

Dr. Joanne Brasch holds a PhD in Textile Economics and Environmental Analysis from the University of California, Davis, where she also received a Master’s degree in Textile Science and a Bachelor’s degree in International Agricultural Development. With more than 12 years of academic work experience, Joanne has held lecturer and research appointments at UC Davis, CSU Sacramento, and Donghua University in Shanghai, China. She was the Sustainability Researcher for the UC Davis Health System, leading projects on waste mitigation and environmentally preferable purchasing on campus. Her topics of interest include global industrial systems, supply-chain sustainability, and diffusion of innovation. She currently works as Special Project Manager at CPSC and has worked for its national spinoff, the National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC), to lead projects that promote a circular economy using Product Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Josefin Liljeqvist, Sweden

Founder, CEO and Artistic Director

On a mission to improve global animal protection, JOSEFIN LILJEQVIST is committed to impact, fashion and technology and embodies the spirit of excellence, innovation and activism.

JOSEFIN LILJEQVIST is an impact-fashion-tech brand with its design studio located in the heart of Uppsala, Sweden. Working to create impact together with strong designs the studio focus upon leather goods that can be traceable back to the exact animal, to ensure the quality of life of the animals. The brand and its founder has been rewarded with multiple awards for their vision and product- the world´s first traceable leather footwear.

JOSEFIN LILJEQVIST´s focus is to innovate, scale and educate, while creating wearable art and safe technology that will leave the world better than we found it.

Kim Gerlach, Germany

sun and rise

Kim has been active in the European context for more than 6 years. Her journey started with a small blog and has now led to features in Vogue, stage time at Copenhagen Fashion Summit as well as Neonyt being one of her clients.

Her consultancy, sun and rise, blends sustainability and fashion in an aesthetically pleasing and daring way. The organization acts at the core of a new era by creating and conceptualizing new modes. Kim works with conscious individuals and entities; brands, NGOs, and fashion brands.

Lizeth Soto Rivas, Germany/Mexico


Hello, I am Lizeth, from Durango, Mexico. I am 37 years old. About my career, I have a degree in Communications from Universidad de las Américas-Puebla and a Executive Master in Community Management from Universidad Alicante. I have held different positions as coordinator in the fields of marketing, graphic design and communications. Since 2008, I’ve been living abroad and working as a photographer freelancer. In Berlin, I started my own photography business and I have been presenting my photos in several art exhibitions since 2015. In 2016, me and my husband founded a clothing brand named Bohetnika, which has a strong purpose to bring human impact to the artisans in the south of Mexico. In 2017, I started being part of an amazing platform: Slow Fashion World. I was named changemaker together with my brand and afterwards, in 2019, I joined their team as Art Director, being now in charge of all the creative projects in the agency.

Mariel Jumpa, Sweden/Peru

CEO and Founder
Slow Fashion World

Creative behind Slow Fashion World, a global platform connecting, co-creating and maximizing collaboration to slow down the fashion world. Built an international community showcasing conscious change-makers championing the sustainable development goals, working with ethics and enabling innovation and inclusion through their creative work and projects. She dedicates her time to building an international network connecting bridges between Latin America and Europe.

Maya Luong, USA

Serenade the Company

How can I make an impact, while pursuing my passions?
This question was the catalyst of Maya’s journey, and became the spark that started Serenade. A sophomore at UC Berkeley, Maya entered college studying political science, concentrating on international relations and human rights work. After becoming immersed and all the more educated on the rising issues surrounding environmental decline and sustainability – she immediately saw the human rights implications that a polluted world could have. Deeply interested in sustainable fashion and lifestyle, she identified the inherent problems of the industry.

Plastic packaging in American products increased by over 120 times since 1960. Almost 70% of that plastic, most of it single-use, sits in landfills.

She created Serenade – a zero-waste retail platform with the goal of reducing plastic output in the cosmetic and make-up industry. Partnering with small-to-medium sized product suppliers, Maya has created Serenade with the hopes that a zero-waste lifestyle can be both easy and affordable.

Maya is excited to be a part of SF Sustainable Fashion Week International this year. She believes that celebration of sustainable businesses and consumer demand are at the core of the push towards a circular, sustainable economy.

Mitsuya Inagaki, Japan

Materials Sustainable Institute  M.S.I.

Founder of M.S.I. / Ambassador of Textile Exchange / Technical Committee of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation Japan / Board of Director, Peace by Peace Foundation.

Mitsuya Inagaki is a specialist of textile production, especially in plant based materials and their sustainable ways of production.

He worked for 15 years as a production manager and buyer of cotton fabrics from 1987-2002.

He has established an organic cotton retail brandin 2003. It was the first retailer of certified organic cotton in Japan. He has started “Peace India Cotton,” the transition project for local farmers from conventional to organic agriculture, after Japanese NPO rescued child laborers in villages.

He was elected as Governance Board of Textile Exchange in 20017 and worked there until 2019. He was appointed as an Ambassador of Textile Exchange.

He was a member of Organic Cotton Guideline Working Group in Japan 2008. He joined the Tohoku Cotton Project as a technical member after the Tsunami in 2011 and started the Hinohara Village cotton project: a farm tour for students in Tokyo since 2018.
He established a NGO, M.S,I. (Material Sustainable Institute) to encourage textile industries to opt for sustainable textiles, and he lectured at colleges and high schools in 2019.

He is now working with junior and high school students to improve school uniforms and athletic clothes as “School Strike for Textile in Japan”

He is so happy to join SFSFWI for the first time to help introduce sustainable textiles to USA.

Natalia Wegrzyn Kalali, Italy

LA MILLA | Touch of Nature
The World’s Most Comfortable Casual Clothes for Women. Timeless, Minimalist Style & Premium Quality.
LA MILLA was born from the strong desire to create truly ECO clothing & Sustainable company. We keep the wellbeing of our People and our Planet as our priority. But we do not stop there. We wish to increase the awareness of the urgency to fight Global Warming and promote interesting ECO initiatives and organizations.
LA MILLA is committed to use only natural and truly ecological textiles that come from proven sources. Our first Brera Capsule is entirely made out of 100% organic, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. GOTS certification ensures organic status of textiles, beginning with harvesting of the raw
materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, to labelling.

Octavia Sun, USA

Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst
Bank of the West

Octavia has a wide variety of sustainability experience from the banking, non-profit and chemical sectors, all of which interface with fashion. Currently, she is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Analyst at Bank of the West. Before that, she has experience from working at B Lab as a Standards Analyst and Evonik (formerly known as PeroxyChem) as a Sustainability Analyst. Octavia has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Mills College and a master’s degree in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Pennsylvania, focusing her master’s thesis on Sustainability Strategies and Challenges in the Luxury Apparel Industry. Octavia has spoken in panels on sustainable apparel and empowering women through Fair Trade and sustainability. Her passion for sustainability in the apparel industry started at a young age, being interested in both environmentalism and fashion design. It was until college that Octavia was able to merge the two interests together. Sustainability is important because we cannot keep consuming at the rate we are currently consuming, the Earth will not be able to sustain us. Sustainability allows us to consume without harming the environment any further. The apparel industry has large environmental and social impacts through agriculture, deforestation, water usage, fossil fuel consumption, and human rights. SFSFWI’s work is important because we need to showcase what sustainability looks like in the apparel industry and how positive change is possible.

Rachel Fischbein, USA

Executive Director
Fashion Incubator San Francisco

Rachel is the Executive Director of Fashion Incubator San Francisco. FiSF is dedicated to supporting local designers in scaling their businesses and creating jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are committed to revitalizing the local fashion industry and being on the forefront of the intersection between innovation and timeless craftmanship.

Ruby Veridiano, France/USA/Philipines

Fashion Journalist

Ruby Veridiano is a fashion changemaker. She is a writer, fashion journalist, TV presenter and speaker whose work focuses on connecting the dots between women’s empowerment and socially-conscious fashion, as well as promoting diversity & inclusion in the fashion industry. Her writing has appeared on NBC News, NYLON, Euronews and more, and has interviewed designers Anna Sui, Vivienne Tam, and Prabal Gurung, among other multicultural designers in the fashion industry. Ruby has worked on the social responsibility team of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group in Paris, where she worked on global diversity initiatives.

Samantha Hartsock, USA

Director of Education

Sam Hartsock is an intrapreneur with a passion for making the fashion industry a force for good. As Director of Education at Remake (@remakeourworld), Sam focuses on the education and leadership development of Remake’s 300+ Ambassador community, training up Remake Ambassadors to be advocates for women’s rights and climate justice through the lens of fashion in their local communities.

Prior to Remake, Sam worked with Fossil to expand their approach to gender equity. She led a boutique sales expansion with women-owned, ethical jewelry brand Soko. And, she worked on environmental and democratic/progressive political campaigns at Change.org, where she gained her community organizing chops. She holds an M.B.A in Sustainability Management from Presidio Graduate School and a B.A. in International Studies & Textile and Apparel Management from the University of Missouri.

Sica Schmitz, USA

Founder, Creator
Bead & Reel / Impact Fashion

Sica is creator of the Impact Fashion Show and founder of Bead & Reel, the ethical fashion community which won the 2017 Sustainable Business Council’s Sustainable Business Award.

After studying fashion design in New York City, she moved to Hollywood to pursue costume design and went from working on independent films such as Safety Not Guaranteed to the hit TV show Castle before ultimately deciding to start her own business in 2014, combining her passions for fashion, environmental preservation, human rights, and animal rights.

As an activist, sustainable stylist, writer, and speaker she is active in fair trade and vegan fashion both locally and globally, where she helps inspire a mindful lifestyle through publications, podcasts, and events, including Bustle, Origin Magazine, The Good Trade, Magnifeco, Liberty for Her, Vegan Life Magazine, the Animal Rights National Conference, and the Fair Trade Campaigns Regional Conference.

She is a Sagittarius, an introvert, a certified yoga instructor, and deeply loves vegan desserts and Ndotto, her orphaned elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

Saloni Shrestha, USA

Founder, Design Head
AGAATI | Sustainable Womenswear

Saloni Shrestha is the founder of AGAATI with more than nine years of experience in designing women’s ready-to-wear collections. After receiving an MBA from Amity, India and graduating in fashion design from Parsons, The New School, Saloni trained in couture and ready-to-wear at reputed fashion houses such as Oscar De La Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen and Naeem Khan. Her designs are narratives inspired by nature, culture and artisanal heritage.

Saloni is a native of the Himalayas and the purity of nature, diverse cultures and vibrant textiles around which she has grown up is at the cornerstone of her creative process. She is passionate about creating a positive influence for artisans and the environment. Her core mission with AGAATI is to use fashion as a positive force, celebrating women and their power to change the world, one dress at a time.

Susan Stevens, New Zealand

Made With Respect

Susan’s passion to educate and inform others of the importance of living sustainably and being more conscious of our consumption behavior and habits, stems from her experience working with both mass producing suppliers driven by margin and brands who care about the lasting impact their operations have on our environment.

Having witnessed the significant difference between profit driven versus purpose driven businesses, Susan found Made With Respect to shine the light on brands who operate sustainably from sourcing and design right throughout the production cycle to packaging – mindful at every touch point of how their behavior impacts the future health of our planet. We must all work toward living more sustainably, as consumers & businesses we need to understand how destructive and polluting our consumption behavior has become – each individual’s actions do count. With an ever-growing demand for resources by an ever-growing
population, we are putting tremendous pressure on the biodiversity of our planet.

The global pandemic we are currently facing with Coronavirus has exposed our vulnerabilities, change has been forced upon us and disruption has occurred. Our planet has been given the chance to breathe as the shackles have temporarily been released. Now is the time for humanity to reflect on our consumerism, our behaviour and our way of life and realise the adverse effect we have on the environment. Now is the time to implement a new way of thinking and a new way of living.

Valentina Suàrez, Colombia/Uruguay

Co-Founder and Director
Universo MOLA

Sustainable Fashion Designer. Expert in multi-tasking. Empathic, listener, doer, risk-taker. Speaker. Teacher.

Co-Founder and General Director of the most important sustainable fashion movement in Latin-America, Universo MOLA, a project of the Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas.

I’ve been working in social issues for most of my life, tackling social inequality and helping the ones that are more vulnerable for the economic and social system we are all under.

Creativity has led me to be an opportunity-creator for not only myself, but everyone I work with/for. Fashion is not only the industry I work in, but a motor for change, a huge development factor that involves several people across the globe. Latin America is a promising land, a place rich in not only raw materials but creativity and identity.

I am a believer that together, we can create the world we want to live in.

Yoshiro Kumagai, Japan

President of Kumagai Co., Ltd.

I am Yoshiro Kumagai, a president of Kumagai Co., Ltd. Japan and I’ve worked in the SHIBORI-Japanese traditional Tie Dye processing industry for 16 years after graduate school (ME in Polymer material) in 2004.

I’m the second generation of my company; it was established 37 years ago. It’s located in the central part of Japan known as “Arimatsu Narumi SHIBORI” – the traditional textile industry. We had some subcontract mill at Guangdong in China; there was 500-5000 hardworking staff since 1979. I also lived in Zhejiang in China for technical guidance from 2006-2008.

We have invested in Kampong Thom district – the poorest district in Cambodia in 2008 and have worked with 1000 hardworking staff among 15 villages to provide technical guidance and jobs there.

The Arimatsu Narumi SHIBORI has 400 years of history in Japan. It is originally for Kimono and Yukata (summer season Kimono) – traditional Japanese clothing. There are more than 100 patterns of Shiboris and by arranging these patterns, we can achieve significant designs. Each design can be done if we relay the technique properly to workers. We welcome foreign craftsmen if you are interested in our culture or designs.

The supply chain of Shibori and Kimono is too long to promote new customers. Through this opportunity, I’d like to introduce Shibori to the world.