SFSFWI Sustainable Fashion Global Awards 2020

Deborah Raphael, Director of the City of San Francisco Department of the Environment and Sandra Hanns, Founder of SFSFWI,
invite you to join us at the Sustainable Fashion Global Awards Ceremony.

Would you honor with us those who participated at the San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, SFSFWI-Television, and Experts United Sustainable Industries in 2020?  A group of extraordinary people made our educational program all possible:
Speakers, Sustainable Designers, Professional Teams, Interns, and Volunteers!

Please join the Director and the Founder at the Sustainable Fashion Award Ceremony and grab the opportunity to
interact with everyone at our virtual event!

Sustainable Fashion Global Awards

We acknowledge the work of each of these professionals and the valuable contribution they are to the transformation of the apparel industry to be sustainable for the preservation of the planet and future generations!

SFSFWI honors our Professional Team and Interns that participated in the development of our programs. We are grateful for their generous collaboration and amazing support while the COVID19 outbreak was forcing us all to adapt and reinvent SFSFWI to a new way of delivering our events.

To Everyone, Thank You!

Sustainable Fashion Global Awards
August 27, 2020, at 9:30 AM PST. 

Opening & Welcome

Debbie Raphael 
Director of the City of San Francisco, Dept. of the Environment
Sandra Hanns
Founder, SFSFWI and Experts United


Shireen Karimi 2 SFGA 2020

Shireen Karimi is the Director of Digital Communications at Green America. Her work centers around educating and mobilizing individuals to use their power as customers to push corporations to clean up and improve their supply chains for people and the planet. She has been on the Green Business Standards Committee of Green America for over a decade, ensuring the integrity of the business certification and screening businesses
for both their environmental and social commitments.

Shireen also has education and experience in health and wellness and strives to teach people the link between environmental health and human health.

Her work in Ecuador on conservation projects is what brought her to Green America, after recognizing the role that economics plays in today’s issues. Shireen also currently serves on the board of Green America.

Charlotte is the Labor Justice Campaigns Manager at Green America. Her work is centered at the intersection of environmental and labor issues, focused on toxic chemical exposure in apparel, child labor in cocoa, and holding online retailers accountable. At Green America, she works to educate and mobilize US consumers to advance environmental and labor rights throughout supply chains.

Previously, Charlotte was a campaigner at the International Labor Rights Forum. There, her campaigns focused on ending forced labor in the fishing industry and ending state-sponsored forced labor in the cotton industry. Charlotte also worked on addressing labor trafficking in global supply chains while based in Southeast Asia.

She has a BA in International Studies from Miami University and an MA in Ethics and Human Rights with a concentration on human trafficking from American University.

Shireen Karimi 2 SFGA 2020

Shireen Karimi 2 SFGA 2020

Kerry is the Founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, both are initiatives in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships that engages leading global fashion industry events to accelerate collective action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
She is a founding member of the SDG Media Zone in partnership with the United Nations Department of Global Communications and the PVBLIC Foundation. Since 2016, the SDG Media Zone has been one of the main features of the United Nations General Assembly high-level week, bringing together the UN Member States, advocates, world leaders, and media to highlight solutions in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Bannigan has co-produced 18 SDG Media Zones across the USA, Italy, Morocco, Germany, Portugal, France, and Spain including at COP22, COP23, and G7 Environment under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency.

Bannigan serves as the President of the Board and Executive Committee at the PVBLIC Foundation, an innovative 501c3 organization that harnesses the power of media, data, and technology to drive social change. In 2012 Bannigan joined the PVBLIC Foundation as a Global Advisor, in this role she cultivated the team to produce the annually held Media for Social Impact Summit, Blockchain for Impact and the Latino Impact Summit co-convened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Bannigan has provided strategic impact marketing and event advisory to PVBLIC Foundation partner programs including It’s On US launched by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, SmartWater + Michelle Obama’s Drink Up Campaign, G8 Young Leaders Summit, and New York Global Leaders Dialogue.

With an accomplished portfolio of over a decade of pioneering events and initiatives, Bannigan continues to champion fashion, retail, and media as influential forces for global good and as key shapers of our sustainable future.

Hosted by Debbie Raphael, Director of the Department of the Environment City of San Francisco and Sandra Hanns, Founder of San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International.

Let’s honor their work together!