Tamiko Carrillo

SFSFWI Co-Founder

Tamiko Carrillo is by trade an Aesthetician and professional Award Winner Make Up Artist. She was Introduced to sustainability when she did the first SFSFWI Fashion Show, which was a huge success, for Sandra Hanns back in 2014. Upon finding out fashion was one of the top gross polluter, Tamiko took a special interest in wanting to educate others to enable change that could preserve the future of the planet and all of its resources. Sandra Hanns as a the Co-Founder of Earth Day SF, was a leader in promoting sustainability. However, she was new to fashion and the industry. Tamiko teamed with Sandra to bring in designers such as Colleen Quen, Tuan Tran, and Selma Schempp in addition to the models, makeup artists and Photográphers.

Sandra took care of the environmental, business and marketing aspect of SFSFWI. And, Tamiko handled the Production of the Fashion Show! The outcome was phenomenal. In 2016, Tamiko brought advocate for sustainability, Laura Turner, to speak at the SFSFWI Fashion Pavillion at the Green Festival Expo event. And, Tamiko has included famous designers at the different years of SFSFWi. Tamiko is also a Film Producer currently working on a documentary, explicitly, about the effects of fashion and the beauty industry have on the environment. She seeks to film on the solutions to help stop the accelerated motion that both industries are contributing to in the detriment of our world.

Tamiko will be using the footage taken from the Green Glam SF Fashion Show to incorporate in the documentary. The film will be submitted to Sundance Film Festival with the purpose to take ground in the educational system to teach students early in life about the relationship of fashion and living sustainably as a lifestyle or a conscious habit. Sandra Hanns is teaming up once again with Tamiko to Produce Green Glam SF and continuing their partnership as Founders of SFSFWI.