Sandra Hanns

SFSFWI Founder

Sandra Hanns is the founder of San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International [SFSFWI]: “Your Hub for a Global Sustainable Fashion and Beauty in the USA .” She is the founder and publisher of iGreenWoman Magazine: an eMagazine for the conscious woman of today bringing informative and inspirational articles that make a difference in people’s lives. And, Sandra Hanns is the co-founder of Earth Day San Francisco and creator of Green Voices Bay Area Awards for Peace and Sustainability.

Ms. Hanns is an International Public Speaker, Executive Producer, Moderator & Conference organizer. Sandra’s passion is to unify communities that are interested in forwarding society for Peace, Sustainability and Leadership for a thriving circular green economy.

Sandra’s leadership has brought vision and guidance to several non-profits in San Francisco as a member of Boards of Trustees. Her work is to bring forth the educational component to all of her involvements. Through her experience, Sandra has committed to promoting the green community & businesses and those who are making a difference in the life of others while preserving Mother Earth.

Sandra is taking on the expansion of SFSFWI by connecting and creating partnerships that will support the transition to the sustainable fashion industry. Her focus is to continue inviting others to work together, locally and internationally. She has created SFSFWI to bring a sustainable fashion platform as the hub for Eco Fashion and Healthy Beauty globally through Experts United Sustainable Industries and SFSFWI Television (TV.)


Sandra’s passion is to provide educational content and information for those loving to expand their awareness about sustainable fashion, healthy beauty, environmental impacts, and the health of people.  Ms. Hanns started including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in SFSFWI and Experts United Conference’s message. No one left behind!

Sandra urges people to use their purchasing power causing a direct and positive impact with your dollars to preserve our environment, bring justice labor across the world, and stand for healthy communities in a thriving green economy.

Sandra’s work is possible by the unconditional support of “Master Movers” a trustworthy a conscious Moving & Storage company serving the Bay Area since 1985.


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