Community Outreach

Environmentalist, Sandra Hanns, Speaking Engagements
Promoting Green Leadership, Environmental Preservation and
the Health of Future Generations!

World Veg Fest. & SFSFWI at SF County Fair Building in GG Park!
November 26, 2019, in San Francisco.

Engaged with those who envision a healthy future for you and your family!
Special Thanks to SFVS’s Executive Director, Christy Griffin for her vision and great willing to engage with like-minded organizations!

The San Francisco Vegan Society invites you… join them!

Designers were invited to be a vendor and support the Veg Festival’s, 20th Anniversary!

SFSFWI @ World Veg Fest. SF October 26, 2019 by Sandra Hanns


Founder of SFSFWI, Sandra Hanns, had her speaking engagement at the SFVS!

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